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Key Areas for Consideration

The most over-used adage in the construction industry is the need for success in each of the areas of time – cost – quality, by both client and builder alike. Greenpoint believes that the key to attainment of this goal is via the consideration of several key areas. These are summarized as follows:

Occupational Health and Safety

Greenpoint directors have sufficient experience in the construction industry to appreciate the benefits of an organisation with a 'safety conscious' attitude. Formal Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) procedures have been established to enable efficient, early identification of and action against hazards and potential risks on each worksite.

We recognise that by maintaining a safe work environment will come, not only a minimisation of the risk of injury, but also improved productivity as the workforce is able to confidently focus on its job at hand.

Delivering Quality

The Australian construction industry has, in recent times, fallen by the wayside when it comes to delivering quality - resulting in a significant drop in the public perception of a once proud heritage. One of Greenpoint's key focus areas is to return to the fundamental ideal of delivering a quality product, on time for a fair price.

Formal Quality Assurance procedures have been developed and are implemented in order to live up to this commitment.

Industrial Relations

Greenpoint directors are accustomed to working environments that facilitate co-operation and conciliation rather than confrontation; thereby promoting the construction of quality buildings, safely and without delay.

In the most relevant analogy, Greenpoint's solidity is being developed with strong, stable foundations. For this reason, we have implemented a long term view with regard to appointment of staff and their ongoing training.

Financial Stability

The key to Greenpoint's longevity is sound, conservative financial management. We understand that this will only come from a solid credit rating with our subcontractors and suppliers. The support of our creditors, via on time and honourable payment, is the backbone to Greenpoint's financial health.

From commencement of operations all profits have been reinvested back into business. This, along with Greenpoint's steady organic growth; has resulted in a significant capital base with which to 'cash flow' all projects. Furthermore, a security facility is in place which allows Greenpoint to provide Bank Guarantees to Clients (in lieu of Cash Retention) if this is the preferred method. All this without ever the hint of an Overdraft!

Up to date Financial Statements are available on request.

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