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Company Policies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Greenpoint directors appreciate the benefits of an organisation with a ‘safety conscious’ attitude.  We recognise that by maintaining a safe work environment will come, not only a minimisation of the risk of injury, but also improved productivity as the workforce is able to confidently focus on its job at hand.

To support Greenpoint’s commitment to all facets of Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S), we have developed and implemented an OH&S system that exceeds the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Greenpoint’s commitment towards the Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees is of extreme importance within our operations. Greenpoint recognises and accepts our responsibility towards ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Greenpoint employees and contractors, wherever they are working.

Resources, conducive to the Greenpoint's emphasis towards Occupational Health and Safety, have been made available to provide and maintain for the physical and psychological well-being of all Greenpoint employees.

The Management will demonstrate, through policy development and review, and compliance with current Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice, that health and safety receives priority attention on a continual basis.  Management will also establish and monitor OHS objectives and targets so that we can be assured that our obligations for OHS are continually met and improved.

All Managers will be responsible for the implementation and promulgation of all matters dealing with the health and safety of employees and Sub-Contractors under their control.

All employees, contractors, sub contractors and visitors will be expected to demonstrate a willingness, to embrace the concept of safe work practices, and a safe working environment.  Employees, contractors and sub-contractors will be required to work in a healthy and safe manner, whilst discouraging others from working in an unsafe manner.

Education/Training of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors on Health and Safety issues is considered to be a natural course of employment, and all employees will be encouraged to embrace this concept.

This policy is an outline of the commitment, which this Greenpoint places upon Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

OH&S Management Policy

pdfOH&S Management Certficate


Environmental Management Policy

Greenpoint consistently monitors and reviews operations to ensure our projects are undertaken in a manner that will reduce any impact on the environment. Greenpoint has developed its Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and has gained external accreditation against this standard.

Greenpoint is committed to protecting the environment. We are committed to ensuring our operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution, preserves natural resources and conserves all heritages. We are focused on pursuing our corporate responsibility to minimise impact to land, water, air, flora and fauna.

To achieve our environmental corporate responsibilities, Greenpoint is committed to ensuring our operations:

  • Comply with environmental legislative, contractual and regulatory requirements;
  • Maintain a management system that conforms to ISO 14001 requirements and integrate environmental considerations into business and decision-making processes;
  • Investigate, report and respond to all environmental incidents and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence;
  • Collect and analyse performance indicators and incident data to drive the continuous improvement processes of our environmental performance;
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership in our field of consulting and encourage clients to make informed decisions with respect to managing their environmental impacts, including the management of premises, plant, equipment, vehicles, substances, heritage listed items, waste management, land and water;
  • Conduct an environmental aspect assessment where necessary when purchasing or using premises, plant, equipment, vehicles, substances and systems of work;
  • Reinforce to employees and sub-contractors their environmental obligations through our programs of induction, education and training;
  • Cause managers and supervisor to be responsible and accountable for the environmental performance of their operations and activities;
  • Document, regularly review and assess processes, procedures, objectives, targets and the environmental impacts of our operations;
  • Communicate our policy to employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders including the public.

We are committed to responding to the daily environmental challenges that we encounter in our business and hope to contribute to the foundation of an environmentally sustainable future for our community and future generations. This policy shall be approved by top management, communicated and agreed to by all staff and subcontractors so that all persons working for or on behalf of Greenpoint are committed to environmental protection while going about their work.

Environmental Management Policy

pdfEnvironmental Management Certficate


Quality Management Policy

The Australian construction industry has, in recent times, fallen by the wayside when it comes to delivering quality - resulting in a significant drop in the public perception of a once proud heritage. One of Greenpoint's key focus areas is to return to the fundamental ideal of delivering a quality product, on time for a fair price. Accredited to the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2015, Greenpoint prides itself in delivering customer satisfaction through services guided by its Quality Management System (QMS).

In order to ensure that Greenpoint projects are delivered with the highest level of quality to the client, we have adopted the following policy:

  • All employees within our organisation shall be committed to the effective and efficient implementation, management and improvement of quality. They are also responsible to identify and prevent activities occurring that do not meet specified standards.
  • Products and services provided by our organisation will meet or exceed customer needs and be in accordance with stated statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • The current Quality Management Representative is responsible for ensuring the compilation, distribution, effective implementation, amendment and continued maintenance of the quality system manuals. All system outcomes generated within the quality management framework are to accord with specified corporate objectives that meet stated quality, customer and statutory requirements.
  • All quality system documentation is regularly reviewed to ensure that existing policies, procedures and practices are suitable, remain relevant and capable of meeting specified quality, customer and statutory requirements.
  • We will assure quality through the provision of appropriate resources and provide employees with the necessary training to ensure compliance with stated quality system requirements.
  • Preferred suppliers are encouraged and assisted in the implementation of appropriated improvement programs that will ensure the integrity and continued preservation of the organisation's quality management system.

Quality Management Policy

pdfQuality Management Certficate