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About Greenpoint Construction Group

Greenpoint is led by principal and director, Robert Sposari. Robert and the Greenpoint team’s diverse and accomplished skills provide the ingredients to a successful formula. This has been evident on each Greenpoint project completed to date.

With over three decades of construction experience Robert remains eager to continually showcase his skill set to the industry. Ranging from project start up – with Development and Construction Feasibilities and advice; including Design Development – right through to project construction and delivery.

Green point Construction Group

Our philosophy is based on Integrity and Reliability, quite simply:

"We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver".

This is evidenced by the amount of repeat business that finds its way to Greenpoint. Since commencement, more than 85% of our turnover has come from existing Clients and 95% from the same Lead Consultants (ie Architects and/or Project Managers). Frequently, we find that we are part of a common project team (same Client and Consultants).
We are extremely proud of the above statistics and moreover are confident that this provides adequate evidence of our claim to be continually recognised (by Clients and Consultants) as the ‘user-friendly’ builder.

Why Greenpoint?

The directors of Greenpoint are committed to securing a long and successful future and therefore will do all necessary to ensure a successful outcome to all of its projects. Greenpoint directors understand well that the future of our business will rest on the reputation earned. We are working hard to make it our most valued corporate asset!