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At Greenpoint we understand that the modern day construction company does more than just build. Greenpoint is proud to offer a full range of services as follows;

  • Construction and development feasibility services (incl. accurate Cost Planning during the crucial early phases of a project's life)
  • Design development and design management
  • Traditional project management
  • Value engineering and cost advice at all stages (incl Life Cycle Costing)
  • Construction Management; and of course
  • Project delivery and construction

With our experience in all facets of a project's life; from the concept stage to final completion and warranty period, Greenpoint is able to offer a meaningful contribution to the cost planning, buildability and risk mitigation measures of most projects.

Greenpoint Group Services

Why Greenpoint?

The directors of Greenpoint are committed to securing a long and successful future and therefore will do all necessary to ensure a successful outcome to all of its projects. Greenpoint directors understand well that the future of our business will rest on the reputation earned. We are working hard to make it our most valued corporate asset!

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