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Aspect Vern Barnett School – Forestville, NSW

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

41 Cook Street, Forestville NSW 2087

Client Project Manager
Construction Assignments Pty Ltd

DesignInc Sydney

ECI converted Design and Construction Contract


Initially engaged via Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Greenpoint worked alongside the Consultant team through design development. With Greenpoint providing cost, programme and buildability advice. Following DA approval, the ECI engagement was converted to a D&C Lump Sum Contract.

In order to keep the school, safely and effectively operational throughout the whole project, a significant amount of planning and programming (including development of workable methodologies) was undertaken in conjunction with the stakeholders. Most of this planning (which led to a programme comprising 3 separate stages) was undertaken during the ECI process. This early planning was clearly "the secret to the success" of the project, which each stage successfully completed and handed over within the timeframes agreed. Not easy to do in a “live” Special Needs school. A clear testament to the benefits of the ECI process.

The project scope comprised, the refurbishment of the whole School with notable inclusions of:

  • 15 new GLAs (Classrooms)
  • 12 new bathrooms
  • 2 new Playgrounds and landscaping
  • A new 170m2 COLA
  • A new Main Entry Extension and Reception area
  • Refurbishment/Extension of the existing Hall Area
  • New Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulics and Security Services throughout the whole school
  • Bushfire protection and facade upgrade across the whole school.

Through the hard work of all team members, construction was successfully completed in September 2023. We have delivered a project that the Greenpoint team are extremely proud of and (most importantly) we have another extremely satisfied Client.

Congratulations to all Project team members!

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